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Genshin Impact thread

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last one got derailed as shit
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Fortnite thread

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New fortnite thread because all the others ones have been dead for months lol.
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Fate/stay night and all the rest. Small tops allowed of course!
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Older men

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Stumbled across a clip of this Boruto character flying around naked in the show and it got me in a mood.
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Haikyuu!! Thread

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Growing Muscles Sequence

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Bonus points for muscle AND cock growth
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Bottom pov

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Trying to make this thread. Seems to be super rare but maybe you all can help.
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Hypnosis | Mind Control | Brainwashing #3

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Promare Thread #3

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I guess it was the third.
All Configurations Welcome Edition.
Previous >>2744317
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/y/ Commission Thread

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A /y/ Commission Thread! (Finally)
Clients, get your fantasies fulfilled!
Artists, get those coins!
Shill yourself
Shill others
Discuss lewds
Don't be a pricefag/dramabait

1. Post your commission sheet and contacts.
2. Tag your commission sheet at the anchor for easy search.
3. Feedback of the artist and commissioner/client are very much welcomed.
4. Support your gay artist because even in drawfag world they're still the minority.
5. This is not a paywall shill thread.
6. Recommended payment system are Patreon, Skeb, Pixiv, Ko-Fi, Gumroad, Cashapp, Venmo, Onlyfans etc. Paypal are an ass if the keywords are related to porno, so BE CAUTION.*better alternative should be recommended. Crypto is riskier and high learning curve for average anons but very convenient.
7. Pictures, examples, photos reference and/or description MUST BE PROVIDED by the commissioner. Keep them brief.
8. Trust, respect for everyone's time and negotiation skill are very vital for a successful two-ways communications and happy party.
1. To remove your name from the SHITLIST, artist needs to deliver 10 drawings in >>>/y/drawthread/ and once all 10 are delivered, post the proof that they are your drawing. Commissioner needs to commission 10 different artist in >>>/y/commission/ STARLIST and post the proof from both yours and artist' receipts.
2. Artists and clients will be nominated for STARLIST for their professionalism for 20 consecutive successful deliveries.
3. Both LISTs will be at the top page until the thread saged and new threads are created. The names will be dropped automatically after 6 months has passed.
4. Detailed RULES >>>TBA
The google doc: Not required atm because this is a slow board.
Previous thread: >>TBA

Topics of the thread:
1. Commissioners, do you have a certain artist you regularly go to get your lewds?
2. Artists, how often do you get commissions from the same person?
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