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Have you ever had to deal with a player who can't separate the views of morality IRL from the conditions that exist in a D&D fantasy world?

For the purpose of this thread I will use the term "Natural Alignment" to describe the moral compass / alignment a character has developed through life experiences, choices made, and even psychological trauma resulting in mental illness.

I tried to explain to one player, after his PC had been inflicted by a demonic curse, his character has become Chaotic Evil / Pure Evil.

He complains that his Natural Alignment (Neutral Good) should be able to overcome the curse even though he had already failed his Will save and the curse has changed his alignment.

Ever have any issues with players who think a characters Natural Alignment is some how "inalienable" and that a supernatural evil (Curses, Corruption, Possession) is on the same level as society based experiences that shape and effect the characters morality over time?