MtG Color Analysis Thread

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Hey, we’re all familiar with Magic: the Gathering and its various colors of mana (white, blue, black, red, and green) by now, right? Well, how about we try and figure out where fictional characters from other franchises that we like would fit on the color wheel, and/or ask advice and feedback on doing so? Picture related gives the basics, and more information can be found in the links below, with better descriptions than I could give, but remember; many characters and factions can have two or even three colors associated with them, sometimes with one of them being a 'primary' color and the others being more secondary influences, and every color has both positive and negative aspects to it. Even White, while often associated with “good” by some fans, can be the color of a villainous Knight Templar character like Heliod from Theros, who tried to eliminate worship of all the other gods, and Black is not inherently “evil” either, being the color of individuality, among other things, like how death and darkness are necessary parts of the world. The Mono-Black Yahenni of Kaladesh, and their people, the short-lived aetherborn, are good examples of this aspect of Black, devoting themselves to living their lives to the fullest, most desiring nothing more than to die surrounded by friends, as they know exactly when they’re going to die. Some, like Yahenni, can drain life from others to extend their own lives, but Yahenni hates doing so, and only does it to help the Gatewatch.