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Marvel Crisis Protocol

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General discussion thread for this casual team building miniature skirmish game.

What are you building, painting, customizing, running, etc?

Lizard and Kraven released earlier this month in the US with the Carnage and Mysterio pack and the Spider-Man and Black Cat pack coming sometime "soon" (tm).

Tactic and Character card database:
Current Affiliations:

Previous: >>80419541

Thread Objective: Next game try and run one character you haven't ran in a long time if ever.
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/CofD/&/WoDG/ Chronicles of Darkness and World of Darkness General

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Drunk Dial the God-Machine Edition

Previous Thread
Previouser Thread

>General Creation Kit!FWJgBTbb!f7d5rARWHYzuI8-8aI-Bxw
> White Wolf Wiki:
> OWOD/COFD Forums:

Where to buy what you need (Check all links for full selection):
> White Wolf Catalogue:
> Onyx Path Publishing Catalogue:
> Fan-made Stuff

Have you ever had a drunk/intoxicated/fucked up on something adventure in your game?
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ITT: Lewd Minis
Official games, alternative games, or just some indie caster, post em all.
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Your party stops at a town to rest and resupply before your next adventure
As you browse around the local shops you encounter a fairy and she tells you that "it's time to play"
What do you do?
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/aosg/ - Age of Sigmar General

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Hunter Myth/HoloMyth

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The Second session of the game

>What is this
This is a Hunter: the Vigil campaign hosted by Hololive English, a World of Darkness homebrew mixing elements of older and newer iterations. Most of the tutorials feature them working out the mechanics of the campaign, with the hard-set rules coming in their first full session together.

>Why should I watch it
All of them are professional entertainers of some capacity and Mori(she's the storyteller) is actually competent enough

Current campaign listed below in chronological order:
Character creation involving everyone
Kiara's character intro
Ina's Character intro
Amelia's Character intro
Gura's Character intro
Mori recap and Q&A Stream
Session 1
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>the monster can multiply
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/nedh/ - Non-EDH Magic General (formerly /mmg/ - Modern Magic General)

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Mentally Mill Edition


>Current meta, complete with deck list
>Build and share casual decks

>Build and share cubes

>Search engines
>Proxy a deck or a cube for cheap
>Play online for free


Which mechanics and playstyles do you like the most?
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Why do players always sperg out whenever the barony's tax collection soldiers approach them to tax them for their dungeon loot?

It's not as if the dungeon's loot belongs to them, anyway. It rightfully belongs to the local lord. Medieval society is NOT finders keepers.

And corruption and overtaxing is just standard in feudal society. If the tax collection soldiers want to overtax the peasants and take 100% taxes, that's just how medieval life worked and nobody could do anything about it.
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Shadowrun Tale: Chapter 7, HOLY DIVER (Hopefully final attempt)

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Got too much taks to do, but I'll be damned if I don't try to finish this chapter this week! I'll combine the two part of chapter 7 and try to go forward! Thought I'll have to go to work in 3-4 hours so there will be a time when my posts will be limited to bumps.

For those who are new or missed a previous storytime, here's the previous chapters organized by volumes as it was suggested to me! I'll post the link to the last chapter of a volume, and with it you can open up links to the previous storytimes!

Volume 1 is Chapter 1-5, HUMBLE BEGINNING IN THE BARRENS. This is the start of it all,

Volume 2 is chapter 6 to now, JOINING THE BIG (CARIBBEAN) LEAGUES!

As always, if you guys have comments, compliments, insults, critiques, or you want to post your own stories, pictures or turn this into a shadowrun general thread... feel free to do so!

Question of the day (asking again): How long between posts is too much to wait? Considering I'm really not fast to type and that Sunday is pretty much my only free time, should I write a whole chapter in advance then wait the next week to post it?
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