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Hey lads, so spore is a game i really like, and im wondering how its archetype system could fit into a tabletop rpg?
You could do some cool stuff with the different philosophies, and how they feel about eachother
Pic related is a chart of the philosophies and how to reach them in the game, so only certain races could have certain archetypes.
For example humans are omnivores so they cant have the warrior or shaman archetypes, but if elves are herbivores than elves cant be scientists or warriors.
Maybe entire races would be relegated to a set of archetypes the player character could choose from.
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How did the RPG hobby degenerate to the point where people would rather take inspiration from anime and chink spyware games, rather than medieval history and the classics of fantasy like Game of Thrones? Or both? The Red Wedding was directly based on what happened a lot in medieval history, you know.
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Avatar Legends: The RPG (PbtA) Red-pill Me

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So - someone pointed this out to me today because they know I'm a big fan of AtLA (but didn't like AtLoK much).

PbtA makes me... nervous? I don't know a ton about the system, most of it has been a couple times trying Dungeon World a very long time ago, and not enjoying it (I don't really remember why).

What do you think about the PbtA modules. What are they like? Good? Bad?

Tell me about your experiences about PbtA (Good or Bad), so I can make a more informed decision.

Tell me about Magpie's track record too if you've got anything.

Do I want the game? Or do I just want to put down a $1 pledge + order a cloth map + fancy dicebag?
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Songs that inspired your setting

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Link related;
I am going to build an entire moon dungeon. The party will soon be going across a range of mountains where they will find an exiled dwarf next to a metal phallus.
Orc metal is often good inspiration music for me.
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Tell me about your space opera game.
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why are wokes so hell bent on ruining things?

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i keep seeing stupid fucking arguments about how RPGs are racist, but it's usually by wokes who are looking for things to be offended by

-race isn't the same in RPGs because it's a generic term

-there's half breeds of other humanoid races and supernatural races, implying genetic compatibility

-different indviduals working together is the entire point of the game, seeing passed differences and being a party/team. Legolas and Gimli were best comrades at the end of the story

-cultures are in fact evil. murdering people for blood sacrifice is evil. caste systems are evil

what other dumb arguments have you seen about RPGs and how easily are they debunked? it's like as soon as the bible thumpers lost influence because of the internet, fake "leftists" immediately took their place and started proselytizing
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The last two TTS episodes are out (unless there's also a part 3)
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Sci-Fi/Fantasy Bikini Armor / Battle Leotards and cheesecake art and discussion

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Other thread died too soon.

From a character design perspective, I've come to really appreciate what flashy, revealing costumes can say about the user in terms of both power and story role as well as personality. I feel like it really does communicate someone who's "empowered" to super hero status and doesn't need armor, and can show extremes of personality. I'm a bit more fond of leotards though over bikini-armor since I think they're a bit classier and less erotically slanted.

I've only had it come up a few time for pc's I've played, but I've really enjoyed it the times I was able to work it in in a way that was fun. Tell me about costumes your pc's have worn too while your at it!!
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/syto/ - shit you thought of

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Alright ladies, gimme your most out there ideas.
>Things that might not fit into your setting
>Stuff you haven't heard or seen outside of your brain
>shit you think is cool but haven't had the time or balls to use in a game
I'll start.
>Strong men wandering a diseased wasteland. Their main tool is the axe, meant to separate the victims of the dread melting-fever, but could just as well be used to split heads.
>People who's bodies have been enveloped by giant fungal growths. They posess the power to transmit and recieve messages through a mycelium web that covers most of the world at the cost of becoming completely bound by the hyphae.
The drowned mans totem.
>A giant disembodied hand that reaches 20 meters out of the oceans surface. It can only be spotted during great storms and has a rotting and severely wounded visage. Black birds circle its wrist, and out of the gaping hole on its palm flows green/yellow bile.
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Cyberspace and Cyberpunk

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Most popular cyberpunk works have the assumption that the internet is another world overlaying our own, like a sort of alternate dimension. However, with the growth of technology it's clear that 'cyberspace' is an outdated concept.

How could hacking work in a more modern cyberpunk setting while still being fun to play?
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