Should i drop out of law school and get a ba in CS

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Top 10% of law school my first year (1L) , got a transfer offer to a top law school (I have to do 2 more years and graduate with a degree from the top tier school)

I had a fulltuition scholly so my debt rn is 0

so my next 2 years are free if i work in government my next 10 years. if i choose to go to private sector, my debt will be 200k from law school but I will make 200k/year (60-80 workhours a week)

But I did a summer internship and I did not enjoy the work one bit, the lawyers seemed overworked and incompetent.

My guts are telling me to drop out and pursue a CS degree, which is my passion. The cs degree would cost like 25k total compared to 200k to finish my law degree

But Im in my mid 20s... and I already wasted a year of my life in law school...

get out? staying would seem like a sunk cost fallacy...

my parents are pressuring me to stay but I think if I stay I will become more depressed... Help?