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I've been pretty interested in nuclear energy and have found some pretty troubling information. It all started with this video about how being a smoker gives you worse exposure to radiation than being in Chernobyl. From there I found out that the tobacco in cigarettes had uranium byproducts. This is because the tobacco farms uses fertilizer that contained pretty substantial quantities of uranium. The most radioactive fertilizer out of any of them was diamonnium phosphate.

Here's where I go into conspiracy land. Tobacco farms would work very well for laundering foreign money, building plutonium and uranium refinement facilities and then using diammonium phosphate as a precursor material to manufacture nuclear bombs. The advantages to this would include the fact that you wouldn't need ICBMs if the bombs are already in the country. You also wouldn't need to worry about AA systems that could shoot down said ICBMs. It would be done with diammonium phosphate because the supply of uranium ore is extremely heavily regulated.

So here's my question for /sci/. Would using diammonium phosphate as a precursor material for a nuke be feasible?