Any other vax compare to this one?

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So far I have met a bunch of people with semi-long vaccine side effects. I have heard crazy stories like "I can't move my arm" and others.
Granted, I have also met many with 0 side effects, however being sick for 2 days, with fever and shit seems to be pretty standard.

Now, what other vaccine do we know of, that regularly lays you flat for 2 days and occasionally has side effects for months? I have never in my life heard of vaccines having any issues whatsoever except for in very rare cases.

Also, is there reason to believe that vaccines can only have the side effects the illness itself has or is there some added, which goes beyond the illness itself?

It seems to me, that if the latest virus update is as strong as suggested, there will be basically a choice between getting real covid or getting the vaccine. So in that case, is there any rationale why the vaccine might be somehow worse than the virus?

Personally I am on the fence. I am not taking it yet. Partially because I can't afford being sick for two days or developing light fatigue for months. Absolutely want to avoid these "super rare side effects, which everyone gets and just mean the vaccine is working".