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I am a 30 year old white male with asthma and 4 years ago in the span of two winters I got pneumonia/bronchitis about 2-3 times. And two summers ago I was in the hospital overnight with myocarditis and perocarditis from a mild viral infection in my throat. Doctor suspects my immune system overreacted and attacked my heart.

This raises questions about covid and vaccines.

I do not want to take the mRNA vaccine. I am sure it is probably safe, however it is fundamentally at the end of the day experimental technology and I do not feel comfortable being a human guinea pig.
I would feel far far more comfortable waiting for the Novavax vaccine as the technology behind it has been tested observed studied and used in the public for close to 70 years now.

If the mRNA technology was 50 years old I would feel safe taking it, and again I am not anti vaccine and I am sure it is /probably/ safe, but probably is keyword there.

Am I ok waiting for the Novavax vaccine or should I take the viral vector vaccine (j and j or astra Zeneca) ASAP.