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Help me out here HBD anons. I heard an argument against race that went something like this

>human races exist because they are groups of people with similar genetically-based characteristics and are more prone to certain diseases
>by this logic why couldn't gingers be separate race when the share the same genetically determined characteristics and are also prone to certain diseases?

Is he right? Did /pol/ lie to me? How to counter this argument, /sci/?

(to janitors, this is not a troll, please don't delete this thread)
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Has there ever been a counterexample of something in number theory thought to be true that was discovered in the 100,000,000,000+ range?
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How do we solve the IYI question in science /sci/?
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UK seems to be on track for a 3rd wave. They will be locking down this winter.
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?2-adrenoceptor antagonist, yohimbine: anxiety

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if an antagonist blocks the effect of a neurotransmitter on a receptor (noradrenaline on a2 receptors in this case), then why does yoihimibine cause anxiety?
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Why don't we have a virophage vaccine yet???

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Literally perfect against covid because it evolves with the virus and variants Don't impact it's effectiveness. It can also be administered retroactively once someone is already infected
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Will it ever be possible to remember our ancestors' lives?

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I think this idea will always remain in the sci-fi/new age realm but did science ever find something that could suggest otherwise?
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