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big robots

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could a 2000m tall humanoid robot support its own weight on earth gravity?
could the earth under its feet hold it?
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what are some high paying (300k+ or so) jobs for maths majors?
im 18 in highschool year 12. my dreams of medicine undergrad were snuffed by a mediocre UCAT so i think ill do maths CS or become a pilot now.
so what are some good maths/CS related jobs?
also is being a pilot a good idea because i think id be fine with that too if its 250k+ or so.
thanks miei amici.
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If nuclear power is to play an expanded role in helping address climate change, newly built reactors must be demonstrably safer and more secure than current generation reactors. Unfortunately, most "advanced" nuclear reactors are anything but.

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>finally take IQ test
>134 midwit

>tfw all the computational complexity papers ive done will only get cited 10-15 times
>tfw will never make a breakthrough in any field that requires 135+, like real analysis
>tfw will only ever get contacted to look over a rough draft of a information theory textbook instead of directly contributing to it
>tfw my software company will continue to leave me in six figure income hell
>tfw have to show girls my mensa card and talk about my work before they sleep with me

i want out bros
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climate alarmism

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How is it that people fall for the global warming lie? It's not like the earth is unnaturally warming at all. Everything going on is natural. the liberal media is a bunch of communists who want to tell me what to do and people keep bitching about nothing.
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Why are Americans so fond of shoving queerness and sexual promiscuity down people's throats?

I'm an international student applying to many top universities and I have to admit I was befuddled seeing how this whole "sexual openness" became commonplace. I didn't think it was so serious. Or maybe I spent too much time on 4chan.
LGBTQ+ propaganda everywhere. High-schoolers on Chanceme transitioning with HRT to become a sexual minority (in my eyes, a mental ilness) so as to have a hook to be admitted into Ivies. "Top 10 LGBTQ+ books YOU HAVE to read".
I just want to keep my private life, well... private. Without being compelled to discuss about these people's mental hardships. I don't want to be involved in any of this. What do?
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I've been pretty based and redpilled about IQ for a long time now. Finally had my IQ tested under clinical conditions and got a 98. I'm not gonna change my tune and play the cope game by saying "it's just a number" or whatever. I'm very interested in working in a scientific field, though. Which scientific fields are rewarding for hard, consistent workers who aren't cerebral juggernauts? Even if it's just technician-tier shit...
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Get me out of uni

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Get me out of uni. I'm a senior engineering student, been grade levels ahead since I entered, summa GPA, three years laboratory experience, the whole bit. Since freshman year my plan was to get a PhD but after watching, for example, how the Harvard nanotechnology was chaired by a spy from CCP, I can't stand the idea. I know what I want to study, and I know where I can find it (MITOCW etc.). When I ask professors questions about physics, biology etc. from my own curiosity they don't know the answer and need me to explain the question. Why spend 6 years with these lying clowns who produce non-reproducible research when I can write my own thesis in theoretical biophysics while making bank as an engineer in the private sector?
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What is even the concept of distance in non-euclidean manifolds? In general these structures dont need to have euclidean-pytagorean notions of length and angle.
Consider "flat" spacetime, the minkowsky metric clearly indicates that a dimensions is not just a dimension, that time coordinates are different, how do you do geometry in such an object? It doesnt feel like just a generalization of curved surfaces in space.