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Featuring tapioca Lull
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MC's that aren't retarded Spergs? Gohan comes to mind but he stops being MC in buu-arc
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Goblin Slayer Side Story - Year One 028 (2019) (Digital) (danke-Empire)

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ITT: Literally you: The manga page.

Expert mode - no Chunibyo bullshit.

I'll start.
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One Piece

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She sold out Kawamatsu, didn't she?
What is she planning?
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Sensei's bum is talking again.
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Daily Sketchbook Chapter

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So comedically deep.
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!!hcgJTtuA1HS (144 replies)

/a/ draws - sugar song to bitter step

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Original ED:

Previous /a/ draws:

Make sure to claim your frames before you do them.
For the frames in green pick a character and follow them for the duration of the frames you choose, when you claim say the frames and the character, if you don't know their name say their position in the first frame they're in in your section.
As for deadlines, there aren't any but if it's been a few weeks since your claim and you haven't posted a wip then your frames will be reopened.
If you want to do inbetweens you can ask and I'll render them for you.
Please only draw the character not the background. On a similar note, if you think you have 0 artistic talent in the slightest and don't fancy trying your hand at drawing a character, you can draw a background, I'll add the spotlight, but as long as it has a floor in the same position as the original go wild.

If your frames have pink on them make sure to comment in the thread or post a wip so I know you still want them or I'll open them again after a few days.

Lastly here are the frames:!hDwBjYIA!ZuLdzfZp8YLwM5z6eysO7A
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Joshikousei no Mudazukai

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It's such a shame that Majime is such an unpopular character. She's cute, smart, likable, and cool to have fun with. I want to be friends with her and listen to her explosions.
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Cannon Busters is on My Anime List

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Officially a anime /a/

SAM is best girl !
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