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>Next big thing is furry anime
Why mutts have to ruin everything?
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Childhood is when you idolize Megumin. Adulthood is when you realize that Aqua makes more sense.
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Dumping chapter 77 TLs
We're on the last volume now
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Gabriel DropOut Official Doujin

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This show got really fun all of a sudden.
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buyfag thread

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share cute figs in japanese clothing
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Best manga covers

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Why does modern anime feels lifeless and sick especially shounen ? The only thing that appeals to many NEETS and pseudo fags is just moes, waifu faggotry, fanservice, over realistic animation, isekai garbage and self insert protagonists while calling old anime with much better stories, much more well developed characters, well designed animations, and much better protagnists garbage, you need to stop watching modern crap and actually watch well written old shows and actually appreciate it instead of bawwwing over moetrash, isekai trash or shounen trash
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One Punch Man

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How is it legal for Murata to make such a hot girl AND NOT SHOW HER MORE OFTEN?
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