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Chainsawman Ch 34

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So did the author just kill all those characters for these guys?
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So now that MHA have established itself as the shounen of the decade, why aren't you reading it?
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whats your opinion on hajime no ippo?
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Enjoying Case files so far?
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What anime does /a/ put on in the background to keep things comfy?
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wtf is his problem?
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Hunter x Hunter

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Just when you thought Togashi's magnum opus was the Chimera Ant arc, he builds up one of the most based and thematically rich arcs, a Horror/Political suspense based on information war between dozens of factions involving a massive cast of well developed characters with clear roles and conflicting motives, the build up alone has left this arc to be one of the most unpredictable pieces of fiction in existence.
The Succession War has the potential to surpass the Chimera Ant arc and you could easily argue that it already did.
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>Next big thing is furry anime
Why mutts have to ruin everything?
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