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AiFure, Prichan, Shining Star, maybe eggpets

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Araburu Kisetsu/O Maidens

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Episode 7
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Which is the better series?

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Jojo or Hunter x Hunter
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Name the anime
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Kimetsu no Yaiba

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Just saw the ep. So did he just suddenly make up that move or did he just suddenly remember it? How did /a/ react to this asspull?
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Elf-San Wa Yaserarenai

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Does Kuroeda even have a reason to exist anymore?
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Anime [OST] - Sharing & Debate 01

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I've managed to achieve to get the most complete OST of JOJO's that you can find on the web. This also include Phantom Blood on PS2 and both Smartphone game [Diamond Record & Stardust Shooter] that are nowhere findable.

Then if you guys want here the link : -> JOJO's FULL OST : Size is 4,94Go Fighting Gold Digital Upgrade -> This is digial version of Fighting Gold with the official instrumental version that wasn't include on the pre-release one that you can found everywhere on the net Size : 17Mo

Don't forget : Those package also contained album cover icon for Windows folder
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/a/ pics you never use anymore

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I drank a shit ton of Hibiscus tea and now I pee through my anus. Help.
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Shitty justice

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>Doesn't get punished for real
>Doesn't learn anything
>Gets a name change
Oh yeah, such karma
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Monster Musume

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How many episodes did you go before touching yourself?

I made it halfway thru episode 3 without a nut
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