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What happen to the last thread?
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Evangelion thread

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Shinji's ass vs Toji's ass
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Kimetsu no Yaiba Korean scan

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Waiting for translation anon
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Chapter 102: Yotsuba & Cramming (pt. 1)

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Is there enough JUSTICE in anime and manga?
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What the dicks is it with Japan boasting about how their country has four seasons? Half the planet has four seasons!
This shit was in GATE as well, a Japanese diplomat introduced his country to an isekai princess by telling her it had four seasons, even though princess's country probably had four seasons too. Why do they keep thinking this is special?
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If your favorite shounen is not on this list, you have shit taste.
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Dr. Stone ep 7

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A village of revived people.

No spoilers for who they actually are, please
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Who is your favorite vampire and why is it Shinobu?