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What do you like the most about this show?
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Rifle is Beautiful

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What /a/ think of cute girls with guns?
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What's Ishida been up to?

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We already know that :Re really shit the bed for the most part (arguably since the sart, but it got tremendous worse in the second half) and was nothing like any of us had imagined TG would turn out to be after a solid first part. Though it's not certain, a monthly schedule could've probably fixed a lot of these issues as Ishida's final afterword revealed how he felt during TG's serialization.
So what could we expect from Sui Ishida after he's done with his switch game? A new project, a completely new manga or will he just become a videogames illustrator/ character designer much like Kubo is? Love his artwork style, too bad :re didn't go that well but I think he is worth keeping an eye on. Also TG thread I guess
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Vinland Saga

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get ready for absolute kino in the next eps
you will shit your dirty underwear and finally take a shower afterwards
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Part 4:
- good start
- absolute shit early mid and late mid, with shit minor villains, except for like 2 fights
- 10/10 endgame

Part 5:
- great start
- one of the strongest mids in the series, with constant quality fights and good minor antagonists
- weaker endgame, focused more on characters than actual battle, still with great visuals and moments
- kino epilogue, but it's placing at the very end is kinda strange

Why do contrarians like to shit so much on part5 while praising the trainwreck that is 4?
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Kimetsu No Yaiba

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>sister takes care of half the real fighting
>MC only takes down weaklings by himself
He's weaker than Asta and Deku at this rate.
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What if Fireforce is a prequel to Soul Eater?
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