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Mix Meisei Story - episode 19

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in the latest episode of this tale of youth, love, and baseball, Meisei reaches the quarterfinals of the preliminary tournament for the summer Koshien. One more match and they'll face off angainst Toushuu, going up against Mita one more time.
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What crime did she commit?
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Ochikobore Fruit Tart

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Why is no one translating this, or even uploading raws? Considering it has an upcoming anime and it's Kirara, so I would have thought it would have more interest.
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Hestia is scientifically engineered to please your dick.
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Try finding a single flaw in pic related.
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>Looks like a Neet
>Goes to college because she want to learn but doesn't like to be in college
>Only can talk with small kids
>Police thinks she's a creep
>Her friends know that she's a creep yet they encourage her

How many of you are like Mya-nee?
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The Great Debate

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>5 days
Apparently it's confirmed to be Casca & Guts reunion.
Anons been claiming it since new chapter announcement but no official sauce.

Berserk thread.
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Post Sexy Character

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