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When does fan translation go too far?
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>this is a 32 year old unmarried woman
What the hell is wrong with Japan?
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Merry Christmas!
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>he doesn't own a CRT for watching old anime
What's your excuse, /a/? I guess you don't really like anime after all.
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Weekend Waifu Drawthread

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you may choose only one
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/a/ sings - Ikenai Borderline

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Full song, information and zip starter file can be found in the link, ctrl+f keywords if you're having a hard time.
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Maou-sama, Retry!

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Maou-sama or Zero-sama?
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Spy x family

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So I just read the whole manga because it surprised me that this was so popular. It's actually pretty nice, what does /a/ thinks of it?
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