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Buck Breaking

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Black and brown boys being topped by white males. Remember: no white bottoms!
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Wasn't a thread for it. Made it. Briefs. Boxers. Sweatpants. Whatever.
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Drawing tutorials of male anatomy

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Because I suck at drawing nice men, and I want to improve
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/sqt/ qtddtot

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Stupid question that don't deserve their own thread
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Robots Thread 2

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The previous thread,
>>2827408 filled up, so let's start again
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Any of you guys into this?
It's when monsters, giant bugs, etc. lay eggs inside of a character.
Kinda hot desu.
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Masked Males Thread

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Old one died again
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Screenshot Edit Thread

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Post edited screenshot and request in here. No furries.

Old Thread: >>2802866
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Cum harvesting

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I have no idea what this fetish is called but basically when guys are used for cum harvesting
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indie game porn

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not for discussing indie games like the other thread. post sexy guys from indie titles
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