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League of Legends

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why it keeps being archived?
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Haikyuu!!! thread

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Old one got pushed off. You know the rules: No small tops! Enjoy!
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Smaller tops

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Tales Thread

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Awaiting Tales of Arise edition. Small tops? Sure.
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General: no small tops spam Continued

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Alright. The topic that was started >>2812807 to encourage compliance with the rules 4chan and /y/. There has been lots of discussion and the thread is about to drop so I made this to continue the discussion.

For the sake of clarity, threads are expected to be made under certain conditions: made with 6 or more images to start, not a duplicate of another active thread, not a narrow topic (such as a specific pairing, just make it for the show/game/whathaveyou) and while preference can always be mentioned, (such as a preference towards a pairing) it is always a request and not a "rule" for that thread.
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Danganronpa Thread
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Uncut dick thread

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good boys deserve to be on top sometimes

it's pretty hard to find good pics of cute guys riding their man
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Dutch men thread

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Geef me die Nederlandse jongens. Belgische en Luxemburgse tellen ook mee
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French men thread

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Alons enfant de la patrie.
Le jour de gloire est arrivé! Oh la la post those garcons!
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