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I just renewed my pass
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People like to make really loose arguments about morals forgetting that there is a guide called the Bible. The rules were set a long time ago sorry you're an athiest dude.

Sorry that you are a bug person who believes that atheism is the default. Sorry you need to make excuses for not being saved and to start feeling better about life. Sorry you don't appreciate Earth fully so you think about space like a nigger moron.

Sorry about your dick
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[This post requires 4chan Pass to view]
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What does /vip/ like most about Suwako?
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You know, this is a really bland board.

No culture, no history, no population.
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This is a slow board
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>He called me a newfag? Joke's on him! Time to use my since4pass!
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Archiving threads

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I'm not sure if I should be inspiring people to do this but:
On slow boards you can become something like a janny.
If there is a thread you dislike, you can reply to every thread underneath it then create a new thread. This will archive the thread.

I'm sure some of you have already thought of this but it just popped into my head while I was brushing my teeth and I decided to try it out on here.
I picked this thread (pic related) at random because I didn't want to delete a useful thread and I didn't want something too near the bottom. It was previously on page 7 I believe.
With the creation of this thread it should have disappeared, never to be bumped again.

So long little thread, I hope you had a good life.
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Rrrolllll Your Panties, Too

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Is being a guy dating a lesbian the ultimate chad move?

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Think about it, if you're dating a lesbian, she has no desire to cheat on you with men, since she has no sexual attraction to them. If she ever ended up cheating on you, it would be with a girl, so you aren't really cucked to the same extent as you would be with a straight girl cheating on you with a guy. In fact, she might actually bring the other dyke along for a threesome. It's kind of like being muslim and finding out that your two wives are having sex, but instead of having them beheaded or some shit, you just fuck both of them.