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Does the based anon who made this website lurk here?
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My senile neighbor is trying to steal my cats seed

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My neighbor is an old man, his wife died of a stroke a few years ago and I think he lives mostly alone. We are in the woods so we never see each other really. In the past he shot my cat multiple times with a pellet gun for some fucking reason and my cat still has the pellets in him to this day years later. Now recently I saw him feeding my cat and saw he got a female cat
>sudden realization
>he’s trying to get them to fuck
How to I fight this old man from stealing my cats precious seed, I don’t want that fucker to have it he can go pay someone to get his car knocked up. Can I sue him for cat rape?
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kot id
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What's /vip/ listening to?
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Not Doge

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This thread is not about Doge.
Finally, a thread not about doge.
Enjoy anons
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Question for you boys!
I frequently wipe my browser history and cookies which logs me out of my 4chan pass.
Is there an easy way to keep me logged in?

I was hoping 4chanX had a setting somewhere but it doesn't appear to. Furthermore it's kind of annoying having to login in two separate places for NSFW and SFW content. :/
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Robots and Cyberpunk Thread

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ITT: Discuss and post robots or works in the cyberpunk genre, or both! I would prefer the thread not be about giant robots, but I guess I can't stop you if you really want to post them.

To start us off: are you watching Vivy this season? It's pretty great! A strong competitor for AOTS so far.
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