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/mhaug/ - Mordhau General

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We gon' die edition

>What is Mordhau?
MORDHAU is a medieval first & third person multiplayer slasher. Enter a hectic battlefield of up to 64 players as a mercenary in a fictional, but realistic world, where you will get to experience the brutal and satisfying melee combat that will have you always coming back for more.

>"Why does it take forever to matchmake?"
If you're having problem with matchmaking, use the server browser.

>Store page

>Weapon chart

>Replay Editing

Dead Server list:

>/vg/ server (EU):
Name: Euro Party Van
Password: mhaug
connect by using the console command:
>/vg/ server (US):
Name: Party /V/an
Password: rage
connect by using the console command:
>/vg/ server (US East):
Password: rage

Latest patch notes:

Latest development update:

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/dqg/ - Dragon Quest General

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Welcome to the Dragon Quest General! Everything related to the Dragon Quest series, also known as Dragon Warrior, is discussed here

Monsters+ Edition
Last Thread: >>262459587

>Dragon Quest News:
-Beta version of the English fan-translation of Dragon Quest Rocket Slime 3 is available now
-The Heroes from Dragon Quest are out now for Smash Bros Ultimate.
-Dragon Quest Builders 2 is out now for the PS4 and Switch!
-Dragon Quest: Your Story out now in Japan movie theaters
-Dragon Quest 11: Echoes of an Elusive Age S – Definitive Edition has been confirmed for September 27th!
-Dragon Quest Walk, a Pokemon GO styled game, will be arriving for Japan only this year
-A new Dragon Quest Monsters game was announced recently. Will feature Erik and Mia. No release date.

/dqg/ Beginner's Guide to Dragon Quest:
Versions to Play/Buy:
Dragon Quest IX DLC/Treasure Map Searcher:
DQB2 Resources:
DQX Resources:
Setting up Dragon Quest Rivals:
Guide to Play Untranslated Games:

Artbooks/Guidebooks/Non-H Doujins:


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/hpgg/ - Harry Potter Games General #581

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Hufflepuff Edition

Newest game information

>HPHM Guide

>How to hack the game yourself on emulator, then transfer the save to a phone.

>Item Hacking w/ Game Guardian

>Unlimited everything for Hogwarts Mystery

>Running the game on PC (make sure to click "create IMEI" a bunch of times too. You'll be able to spend gems even when the counter says 0)

>/aco/ thread

>/s4s/ sticky

>/tv/ 99000000 GET

>/v/ 418000000 GET

>Snydebooru - Merula fanart & Hogwarts Mystery art-related

>Fanfics, Audio, & Greentexts/Screencaps Compilations

>HPHM Blender Models!pRYDFSZY!q_Fgwpsju2FYv3ooO4mf7Q

>VGL Team Organization

>OWLs Cheat Sheet


>Download the Books, Movies & Video Games series

>Meru Mixtape
Vol 1:
Vol 2:

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/smtg/ - ?????? / Shin Megami Tensei General

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Majin Tensei 1 (SNES) fan-translation released, use rom v1.0:
>Other Translations' Status:
Giten (PC), Ronde (Saturn), and Devil Children: Red Book (GBC) translations have begun.
NINE can be fully emulated now. Neutral script is done.
Digital Devil Story: Megami Tensei II (NES) coming soon.
>Translated in the past year - DL links in the Pastebin:
Last Bible 1 (Game Gear), Majin Tensei II (SNES), Shin Megami Tensei If... (SNES)

Upcoming Games:
>Shin Megami Tensei V - TBA [Embed]

>Starter Guide:
>Games, Patches, Fan Translations, etc.:
>Games' Tips and Tricks:
>Art books, Soundtracks, Manuals, and More:
>Scripts, Sounds, and other Resources:
>Recommended Reading:


>Liberation Dx2:
Factions - /smtg/, dx2g, Aragami Assembly
Resources -

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/rs07g/ /osg/ /osrsg/ - Old School RuneScape General

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>Latest news
- Line-of-Sight Beta
- Elves whitewashed
- Crystal shit buffed
- Wildy Aviansies drop ecu keys and cooldown removed
- Smithing interfaces reworked, based ezscape left-click
- Zalcano tick retards get btfo, crystal imps have a spawn fixed, gauntlet is made easier for champs
- JMods respond to the outlash from Mod Gee's abomination, remodel polled, mix between the two added
- Song of the Elves released
- Warding fails, Twitter celebrates, Reddit melts down

>Communication & Info
Home World: 327
Clan Chat: framed
Stat tracker:

Skilling Methods:
Ironman Methods:
UIM Methods:

>I'm new, what should I do?

>DPS calculator

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/gbpen/ - BanG Dream Girls Band Party EN General #166

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Last thread: >>262126721

Apple OS:

Current event: Growing Up Sisters! (Challenge Live)
Current gacha: Double Drumming Duo Gacha (4* Ako & Tomoe, 3* Ran)
Current event boost: Pure ft. Ako, Tomoe, Ran, Himari, Sayo

Next event: Summer in the Shining Land of Water (Live Goals, 8/21)
Next gacha: Mystic Coral Reef Gacha (4*Yukina & Sayo, 3*Ako, *LIMITED SWIMSUITS*)
Next event boost: Cool ft. Roselia

Resources!_Wikia - Bandori Database (has datamined song lists and card stories and whatnot but not 100% accurate) - Another Bandori Database - Event Point Calculator - A simple scouting simulator (has choices for both JP and EN) - Optimal Team Builder, event cutoff predictions, song chart viewer and simulator, and asset explorer compiled all into one website

Fun Stuff - Dumbdori soundboard and Flappy Ako - Live Interactions and other translations - Pose your Favdoris
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/bbg/ - Bloodborne General

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Previous Thread: >>262169690

>New players read this then finish the game without spoilers:

>Helpful Links:
-/bbg/ Resource Guide:
-Build planner:
-Multiplayer range calculator:
-AR calculator:

-How to unlock FRCs for spelunks, fight clubs & gem farming:
-Gem farming chalices:
-Lost/uncanny weapons, runes, and gems:
-How to summon/invade in a chalice:
-Edited chalices: (Unused bosses, test areas, early runes/weapons)

>PvE - Spelunking (Anytime someone wants to host):
-Spelunks happen, join 'em, host 'em
-Set the chalice to Open and region to Worldwide
-Leave bell-ringing women alone for invaders

>PvP - Fight Club (Every Saturday 6pm ET/11pm UTC plus impromptus whenever):
-Pthumeru: 7hjhf43b
-Loran: jjpkdcgd
-Isz: 9v8qndas

Q: Where do I get/put the best gems? A:
Q: How do I setup arcane builds? A:
Q: How do I access the DLC? A:
Q: Did I miss a quest? A:
Q: Is this game active for coop and pvp? A: Yes
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/ksg/ - Katawa Shoujo General

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/vrg/ - Virtual Reality General #605

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"Virtual Reality, Real Suffering"™
No Mans Sky VR Edition

>Introduction to /vrg/

>/vrg/ Streamables

>Recommended VR games

>Assets and tutorials for VRChat Google Doc
>VRChat Resources and Tutorials
>Avatar Development
>World Development
>VRC optimization guide
>Full-body with Rift (Trackers/Kinect)
>OpenVR Advanced Settings overlay (with tracker battery indicator)

--Other Games--
>Pavlov Resources and Tutorials - for joining the /vrg/ Pavlov server
>Beat Saber Mod Assistant

--Multiplayer Games Currently Hosted--
>Vivecraft multiplayer server
>Pavlov community servers
"Join sparkly server for free VAC ban."
"Shitposting Addiction Therapy Center"

Trap Shooting Competition All August

New Threads: >>>/vg/vrg
New /vrlg/ Threads: >>>/trash/vrlg
>Previous thread
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/twg/ - Total War General

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