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/skg/ - Senran Kagura General - #1491

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Bubus and The Meeb Edition
Previous: >>262384729

>Ushimaru and Daidouji will be joining the NL cast soon!
>Takaki has officially announced his latest title: Kandagawa Jet Girls.
>Reflexions and Peach Ball have been released on Steam!
>"Finally, the company commented on sexual elements in its games, stating that they are “getting harder to make.” A sexual element had to be removed from one of its unannounced games, which lowered its sales forecast."
>Sony cites the increasing popularity of streaming and #MeToo as motives behind their new content policies
>Takaki no longer has Asuka as his twitter avatar
>Uppers to be released on PS4 and PC featuring Daidouji

>Complete Character Listing
>New Wave pastebin
>New Link pastebin
>Peach Beach Splash CG Pack!atsXBCSI!BSJF1VKiFIt7ja601CuHH8NX3CP5bItVmUNGSQo0o9Y
>Newest Fanart

>MarvelousAQL Senran Kagura site
>Creator's Twitter
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/mggg/ - Monster Girl Games General #348

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Messy Eater edition

Before you ask, as of June 13, 2019 Paradox Part 2 translation is finished (Excluding some flavor text and small bits here and there including the LOC).

Monster Girl Quest Paradox 2 was released on June 23rd 2017 and is currently on patch 2.23.
Part 3 has been confirmed as being bigger than part 1 and part 2.
Monster Girl Gamu is never coming out and thus is not a game.
Additional info on Part 3 is out. Details about the alternate Tamamo as well as CG's for her have been released.
Dargoth is still missing in action

Paradox Patching Guide:

Monster Girl Quest Paradox 2 download:
2.23 (you can get the partial english patch from Dargoth's bitbucket or the prepatched from the collection)!QQ53lZKR!RmwWkDbEX2OtfnQP-7tZWpEm5YefGRQDd5ABNzkZNb4

Monster Girl Quest Paradox 2 Guide -
MGQ Japanese wiki:
ToroToro Resistance's blog:

Monster Girl Quest (MGQ):
Monster Girl Island (3D game):
SHRIFT Pacifist Guide:
Zell’s game Forest of Blue Skin:
Quest Failed:
Bitbucket translation patching guide:
Monster Girl Games Collection:!pIplwJjb!Mh1pg3KiddYb9X3GEByjuQ

Previous thread: >>261980869
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/fg/ - Falcom General #540

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Falcom Games
>Mods, saves, prepatched translations

Upcoming Releases

>Latest news
>Cold Steel 3 digital deluxe bundle revealed
>Interview with Kondo about Switch support
>First details of new Kiseki game, screenshots
>First 26 minutes of English gameplay for Cold Steel 3

>NISA stream with Kondo: [Embed]
>New Ys IX PV [Embed]
>Ys 9 characters details and new Web CM

>CS3 Release Date
NA: 10/22
EU: 10/22
Aus/NZ: 10/29
>New CS3 trailer [Embed]
>1 Hour Gameplay [Embed]
Pastebin (aka music):
Extra Stuff (Guides, downloads, undub patches):

>Sen3 by Kitsune
>Sen4 by Kistune (bonds & extras)

>Sorcerian complete edition!49ZV1QLD!EawBdJXGQaYw6pbkRmCd_D-GNMEpiSYyqBJefUOU-MU
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/domg/ - Dominions General

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Blem- Edition

Dominions is a fantasy turn-based war game created by two dudes. One of them is a teacher.
The game combines a simple presentation with an extremely wide array of strategic options, including over 3000 units, 900 spells and 400 magic items. Turns are resolved simultaneously, with players planning battles rather than directly controlling them.
It has simplistic graphics but is easily moddable and extremely deep.
Basically, it's an autist’s wet dream of a war game.

>Our pastebin



>Where do I get it?

>Can I try it for free?


>Mod inspector

>Multiplayer guide

>Debug mod

>How do I change the fonts?
Replace guifont.ttf, guifont_fancy.ttf and guifont_texty.ttf in the game's 'data' folder (C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Dominions5\data)

>Is there an easier way to play multiplayer?
Works for Dominions 5

>Completed games
Submit them here:

Previous thread >>261604104
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/lzg/ - Lab Zero General (Skullgirls & Indivisible)

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Who is the best girl overall.

Last thread:

Updated Gameplay Wiki:
Resets vs Combos:
Lore Wiki:

>Upcoming Offline Major Tournaments
>[Oct 11, 2019] Revolution 2019 (London)

>Online Weekly Tournaments

>Match Videos

>Switch port coming early Fall 2019

>"Sync PvP" at EVO booth

/sgg/ album:

Indivisible coming Soon?, new content shown and a video contrasting the prototype with most recent versions at Anime Expo

>E3 Trailer

>Release Date Trailer

Slapfest - Casual online lobbies:
Get Gr8 - Beginner focused:

SGMobile: (Discorded)
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/slg/ - Second Life General

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the only general on /vg/ that supports trans rights! edition

>Recommended SL Viewers

>Second Life Grid Status:

> /vg/ Group:
> /vg/ Land:
> Group Rules and Info:
> Guide to Smarter Shopping in SL:
> Anime Girl Guide:
> Anime Male Guide:

>Monthly Event Guide:
>Event Blogs
>>Current Events
anyBody - Centered around items for a variety of mesh bodies (Ends Aug. 30th):
Okinawa Summer Festival - Celebrate summer with the Japanese (Ends Aug. 31st):
Fable - Fantasy/RP event (Ends Aug. 31st):
Enchantment - Medieval themed (Ends Sep. 1st):
Driftwood - Magic/Fantasy themed (Ends Sep. 5th):
>>Monthly Events
On9 (Ends Aug 31st):
Flourish (Ends Sep. 4th):
equal10 (Ends Sep 5th):
Collabor88 (Ends Sep. 6th):
kustom9 (Ends Sep. 10th):
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/5N@F/ General

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/palg/ - Paladins General

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/smgen/ - SMITE General
/rrg/ - Realm Royale General

Io Edition

NOTE: You will be playing against bots in casual queue until you reach account level 5.

>Reveal Trailer (Io, The Shattered Goddess):

>Patch Notes (2.07)

>Paladins Wiki

>Account Statistics

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/opgg/ - One Piece Games General

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/ps4g/ - PlayStation 4 General #600

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In 8-hours he said

Also congratulations ps4g! it's your 600th thread!

Last thread: >>261131308

Romancing SaGa 3 remaster in final adjustments stage, news set for TGS 2019

Project Sakura Wars new Combat Revue reveal and TGS 2019 information live stream set for August 21

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice shipments top 3.8 million

Azur Lane: Crosswave ‘Long Battle’ gameplay

>PS4 Pro vs Slim comparison

>PS+ Current Offerings

>PS Store Weekly Sale
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