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/hig/ Honkai Impact General #29

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We discuss Minecraft, modpacks, projects, build ideas, etc.
Share server stories and keep the screenshots coming, we want to see builds!
If you develop mods or anything Minecraft related, keep us updated for feedback.

? 2. NEWS

[23 April 2019] 1.14 is released.


>Modding tools & documentation:

>/mcg/ FAQ

>Server list

>/mcg/ mods/modpacks

>Ideas & Inspiration

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/pso2g/ - Phantasy Star Online 2 General #1599

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Y'all niccas let the last one die edition

Latest update: Beach Wars 2019
NA Release: PSO2 comes to the west on the Xbox One and Windows PC in the Spring of 2020

>Phantom Information

>(Newest) EP6 Balance Adjustments

>2019 Roadmap Information
>Summer ~ Autumn 2019
Beach Wars 2019 (Early August)
Ultra Hard Wopal (Late August)
NT Crafting (Late August)
Episode 6: Chapter 2
New PA System
New PAs for Sword and Jet Boots
New Region Exploration Area
New 4-player Ultimate Quest (October)

>Weekly Boost & Events Schedule
Random EQ Hourly Alerts:
Regular Maintenance: Wednesday @ 11:00 ~ 17:00 JST (probably)

>Current Scratch:
[AC] Hot Summer Festa (Until August 7th)
[AC] Winners Design 6 Side B (Until July 24th)
[SG] Astral Guardian (Until Dec 11th)

>FAQs, Guides
Basic English Patch:
Buy AC using PSO2es:
>Database/Wiki (JP) (EN) (JP) (EN) (EN) (EN)

Skill Trees:
Affixing Assistant:
Damage Calculator:

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/????/ Release The Spyce: Secret Fragrance

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Lily Friends: Lily Friends
>Official site:
>Official Twitter:

>Current Scam:
All summer Nagis together until August 12
>Current Event:
Seaside Kirakira Dokidoki Surprise until August 12

>Character List:

>Game Assets:!sUgjFaIT!yFPKpMkIOOtk1077ySmZdg

Daily order in the game is: Purple - Red - Blue - Green - Yellow - Black - Everything
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/egg/ - Engineering Games General - formerly /svgg/

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That's gotta be a new record edition

Previous ded: >>262608685

This thread is dedicated to all games about building machines and systems out of blocks, in space or otherwise.

WebM for physicians:

List of currently known and vaguely not dead /egg/ games (this list is not fully inclusive and if you think a game might belong here, feel free to ask):
>Chode - Children of a Dead Earth
>Dream Car Builder/DCR3D
>Empyrion - Galactic Survival
>Factory Town
>FortressCraft Evolved
>From the Depths
>Homebrew - Vehicle Sandbox
>Intersteller Rift
>Kerbal Space Program
>KOHCTPYKTOP: Engineer of the People
>Nimbatus - The Space Drone Constructor
>Opus Magnum
>Oxygen not Included
>Robot Arena
>Scrap Mechanic
>Space Engineers
>Wayward Terran Frontier

Games that are not /egg/:
>Hearthstone (learn how to add a "/" to your search)

Information about these games, such as where to get them if they're not on steam, trailers, /egg/ conquered/hosted servers, and other shit can be found in this pad:

OP pad for new jej

We currently have servers for Factorio. More info in the first pad.
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Artificial Academy 2 General /aa2g/

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Artificial Academy 2 General /aa2g/ #1102
Got your nose Edition

Welcome, this general is for the discussion of ILLUSION's Artificial Academy 2.


/aa2g/ Pre-Installed Game, AA2Mini:
AAUnlimited updates:

AA2Mini Install Guide:
General FAQ:
AAUnlimited Guide and Resources (Modules, Tans, Props, Poses, and More):

>Character Cards [Database], now with a list of every NonOC in the megas:

>Mods & More:
Mods for AAU/AA2Mini (pp2 format, the mega has everything):!F9p0yToK!0chYH6M7J4LSRLzMlVWoYg
/aa2g/ Modding Reference Guide (Slot lists for Hair/Clothes/Faces, List Guides, and More):

>HELP! I have a Nvidia card and my game crashes on startup!
Try the dgVoodoo option in the new win10fix settings.
Alternative: Update your AAU and see if it happens again. If so, disable win10fix, enable wined3d and software vertex processing.

>Legacy Links:
Recommended Mods Guide (use for mod names only, then find the pp2 in Mods & More above):
AA2 Pastebin (Most are not AA2Mini-ready):
Main Site:

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/revue/ - Revue Starlight Re LIVE General

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Current Event: Holmes vs. Lupin

>What is Revue Starlight?
Revue Starlight is a multimedia franchise consisting of stage plays, anime, manga, mobage, and more. Various stage girls compete in battles to become the "top star", the peak of their peers. NOTE: The game is a sequel to the events of the anime, Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight. It is highly recommended you watch it before playing the game.


>Reroll guide

>Tier list
>2* and 3* tier list

>Event schedule

>Maximum stat list

>English twitter (UNOFFICIAL)

>Download links

>Friend list form

>Viewing Friend List

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/scg/edg/-Star Citizen/Elite Dangerous general

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3 hour long restoration edition

Eastern Detroit info:

>Lavecon 2019 Content Reveal

>Arx (cosmetic currency) FAQ

>Fleet Carrier Teaser

>Opal Mining Guide

>April Update

>Elite Dangerous Official YT

Small Cocks Info:



>Jump Point Links & Content Summary

>Star Citizen Official YT

>Squadron 42 Roadmap

>Discussion about other space games like these ones is tolerated.
No Man's Sky
Rebel Galaxy
Infinity Battlescape
Pulsar: Lost Colony

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/???/ - Kirara Fantasia General

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Gacha fantasy RPG featuring GochiUsa, Yuru Camp, KinMoza, New Game!, K-On!, A-Channel, Yuyushiki, Hidamari Sketch and other Manga Time Kirara series.

Previous thread >>261586604

Newcomers' FAQ (read before asking)
Wiki w/ art, skills, weapons, drops, card maker
/???/ friend list

Machikado Mazoku arriving in September!
Weekly 20 gem login bonus while it's airing

Harumination arriving in Fall 2019

Ryuuguu Adventure (1st summer event)
July 24th, 17:00 ~ August 26th, 13:59
Event Gacha (1st part)
July 24th, 17:00 ~ August 27th, 11:59
5* Maika (Swimsuit), 5* Aoi (Swimsuit)
Event Gacha (2nd part)
July 31st, 00:00 ~ August 27th, 11:59
5* Kurumi (Swimsuit), 5* Kaos (Swimsuit)

Pirates of Etoilia (2nd summer event)
August 8th, 17:00 ~ August 26th, 13:59
Event Gacha (3rd part)
August 8th, 17:00 ~ August 27th, 11:59
5* Yui (Swimsuit), 5* Chino (Swimsuit), 5* Lamp (Swimsuit)
Event Gacha (4th part)
August 15th, 00:00 ~ August 27th, 11:59
5* Nene (Swimsuit), 5* Hana (Swimsuit)

Etoilia's Summer Vacation Campaign
First half:
July 24th 17:00 ~
Second half:
August 8th 17:00 ~

240 Paid Gems for 10 Summons & Random 5* Ticket
August 8th, 17:00 ~ August 27th, 23:59
Ticket Validation
~ September 3rd, 23:59

600 day anniversary campaign (including 5* choice ticket)
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Playstation Vita General 3452 - Think Fast Edition

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>Vitagen Website (News, Translations, Guides, Wikis and more)


>Kaleidoscope of Phantom Prison launches November 28 in Japan

>Romance visual novel Amamane coming on November 28 in Japan

>Visual novel Pantsu Hunter: Back to the 90s coming on August 28

>Labyrinth of Galleria: Coven of Dusk Was Delayed to “Add Volume”

>NG launches October 10 in North America

>Romancing SaGa 3 remaster in final adjustments stage, news set for TGS 2019

>Entergram and Ryukishi07 announce Kaleidoscope of Phantom Prison for Vita

>Asdivine Menace - Official Trailer

>Super Zangyura launches in 2020 in Japan

>Shmup classics Vasara and Vasara 2 are coming to PS platforms


>PS Store Updates

>PS Store Weekly Sale

>PSN Friends List

Want hacks/homebrew discussion?
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