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>As the supreme commander of this organization, I am hereby electing my own father to assume my position of absolute authority after my passing. I understand that even the most insignificant member of our organization is unimaginably more capable of leading us than my father, and that he could have just as easily died in an irradiated ditch while high on jet rather than successfully infiltrate our home, but I feel that he has earned his position. Yes, my own father. Now clap.

How would you feel.
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>He will roll the most meta, serious-tier classes because he plays the children's video game to be the best and not to have fun.
What's the virgin loser's name?
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>that kid in class whose ipod had video game and anime music on it
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What is the appeal of MUGEN?

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Do YOU like Kirby?
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What's the appeal of Crash games?

I just find them boring as fuck. Can an adult really enjoy them?
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Since we are not allowed to talk about Ion Fury anymore, can we finally talk about the true savior of FPS?
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