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You must make and wear a costume of any /tg/-related character and walk around a convention for a day.
Which character do you pick?
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I don’t like the new Ork boys

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Is it just me or do they look too AOS-esque and not like the traditional grimdark “Halt the Hun” German barbarians?
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>wizards write magic source code into their spellbooks.
>the code is written in the programming language of reality
>It's mostly for memorizing the spell.
>Casting a spells requires them to recall the code and speak out the name given to the spell.
How does spell casting work in your setting
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There are many thread about the bad
Lets talk about the good stuff and the things we appreciate about our DMs/Players
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You get invited to a superhero game. That's all you're told, you don't know the system or the tone of the game. The GM just invites you to arrive with a "character idea"

What is your idea /tg/?
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What's the architecture of Atlantis? It mixes between either vaguely mesoamerican or ancient greek.
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/dcg/ - Digimon Card Game General #24

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Confused Yeti Edition.

Previous: >>79733005

>LINKS: (Official Asian English website) (Official Global English website)


Keep checking your local LGSs, resupply is in progress. BT-04 is now officially released in the west!
If you can't wait and have no other options, your best bet to get cards right now is singles from places like TCGplayer (see links section).

Never buy precon decks for over $15 (MSRP $10), boosters for over $6 (MSRP $4), or boxes for over $120 (MSRP $92). Don't feed scalper faggots.

QRD color overview:

Unga bunga. Better DP gain and Security Attack than other colors.
Unique-ish mechanic is Advance
Removal: DP-based

Advantage. Gains memory, draws cards, multiple attacks, and Jamming.
Unique mechanics are evolution source removal and playing Digimon from the evolution stack.
Removal: bounce and tuck, and sometimes "can't attack or block"

Control and recovery. Lots of cards that debuff enemy Digimon.
Unique mechanic is Security Recovery/ Manipulation.
Removal: reducing DP

Fast and cheap evolution; control through battle. Also has the most Digi-Burst.
Unique mechanic is Digisorption.
Removal: suspending and attacking direct

Digimon sacrifice, Graveyard, and Option card synergy.
Unique mechanic is Retaliation. Unique-ish mechanic is revival.
Removal: level-based direct destruction

Defense, and weird gimmicks. Higher than average access to level 7s. Security "trap" Digimon. The devs are apparently aware and working to better define this color.
Unique mechanics are Reboot and Decoy.
Removal: De-Digivolve and cost-based direct destruction

Not quite a real color yet. Mostly level 7s and their support, and some gimmick Digimon.
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Arms & Armour thread

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Arms & Armour thread party van
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How do you separate monsters that were designed as caricatures of racial stereotypes from their source material, while still preserving those negative qualities that you enjoy using in the monster?
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Ideas for equipment for an suburban setting

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What are some logical weapons or other equipment kid/teen could have access to in a suburban 90s/Early 2000s setting. For example must kids an teens have pocket knife and a sports equipment like a bat or golf club, but in were i live is possible that children have access to a fire arm (bb gun or small caliber).
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