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/gwsg/ - Games Workshop Specialist Games General

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Eagle Edition

Previous Thread: >>79631410

General thread for the games too niche to support their own general thread but too GW to be in >>>/tg/awg.

For mainline games go to:

Blood Bowl, Necromunda, Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game, Kill Team, Warcry, Epic, Warmaster, Underworlds, Aeronautica, Mordheim, Titanicus, Battlefleet Gothic, Gorkamorka, Man-o-War, Warhammer Quest, and any other GW system and board game are welcome.

>We are working on a mega archive with the rulebooks for the boxed and specialist games (don't share).
>Drop any missing files you might have here:
>Old links:
>current MESBG rules:

Please remember to keep settings discussions/shitposting to their respective threads. Keep this thread on topic.

>Thread Question:
What do you love and hate the most of your preferred Specialist Game?
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/wbg/ - Worldbuilding General

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Gods and Pantheons Edition

Official Discord:
Worldbuilding links:

Previous Thread: >>79468739

Thread questions:
>How does your methodology for creating gods work? How did you use it to make your pantheon, and who are its members?
>Which deities and pantheon(s) from Irl mythologies influenced the design of your deities and their religions, and how?
>In what ways do the gods being either explicitly real or fictional in-setting affect the process, especially regarding how they are worshipped, if they are at all?
>Lastly, what mistakes do wordbuilders tend to make regarding deities, and how do you avoid these mistakes?
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Here it is... Revision 11! Almost summer, anons...

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Sorry I've been gone. Moved, new job, whole IP range blocked by 4chan, all sorts of happenings. But I'm back to the ol' list.

Includes newly listed resources for:
Sunless Skies
Coma 2
Boss Monster
Jonny Quest

Suggestions and criticisms welcome. Don't be a continual bumpfag. Enjoy.
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Paris "everyday snippets" - Urban Shadows City Design

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I'm running Urban Shadows, a "Powered by the Apocalypse" game (, and the city setting is in modern-day Paris. With Urban Shadows, city "profiles" have a section dedicated to "Images and Hooks", which capture a stereotypical "snippet" of life in that city - see pic related for examples.

I need help coming up with some for Paris - it's not a place I've ever been. Can anyone give any suggestions?
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MtG Color Analysis Thread

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Hey, we’re all familiar with Magic: the Gathering and its various colors of mana (white, blue, black, red, and green) by now, right? Well, how about we try and figure out where fictional characters from other franchises that we like would fit on the color wheel, and/or ask advice and feedback on doing so? Picture related gives the basics, and more information can be found in the links below, with better descriptions than I could give, but remember; many characters and factions can have two or even three colors associated with them, sometimes with one of them being a 'primary' color and the others being more secondary influences, and every color has both positive and negative aspects to it. Even White, while often associated with “good” by some fans, can be the color of a villainous Knight Templar character like Heliod from Theros, who tried to eliminate worship of all the other gods, and Black is not inherently “evil” either, being the color of individuality, among other things, like how death and darkness are necessary parts of the world. The Mono-Black Yahenni of Kaladesh, and their people, the short-lived aetherborn, are good examples of this aspect of Black, devoting themselves to living their lives to the fullest, most desiring nothing more than to die surrounded by friends, as they know exactly when they’re going to die. Some, like Yahenni, can drain life from others to extend their own lives, but Yahenni hates doing so, and only does it to help the Gatewatch.
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Have you ever proven a conspiracy in an RPG?
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>Rolling stats? that stopped being fun after the 100th time
>at this table we roll from a list of 100 races, 2 genders and 1000+ basic backgrounds, that wont be a problem right?
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Custom Fantasy Races?

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Any recommendations for a system that easily allows for the creation of non-standard player races? My group is making an original setting and we don't know what wacky races are going to end up in it but it'd be nice to have a system that's accommodating to whatever.
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Which RPG has the best guns?
Which has the most realistic guns?
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