Can a physicist or mathematician critique this experiment?

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If this YouTube video is correct, then pi in motion is 4, meaning that the ratio between the time an object takes to travel around a circle at constant speed is the same as the time it takes to travel 4 times the radius of the circle at that same speed. I highly recommend you watch the video since it is quite intriguing.
Now, an obvious issue with this video is that it does not measure the speed after the loop, so we may wonder if it is simply friction that slowed the looping ball down. To measure the speed after the loop I have designed a different setup which I will soon build, and I would like for any mathematicians or physicists or engineers to look at my design and then type "OP is a retard" or even offer some constructive criticism. The point of the design is to have a whole circle's worth of curve, and then a straight segment, and for this all to be flat.
Thank you.