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what would happen if when we all peed at once
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I only feel myself when taking SSRI

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When i don't take SSRI im a coomer, a lazy depressed fat bastard, when i take them i feel like a decent human, masturbating only one every two days, not eating like a pig, doing my work, does that mean im condemned to take them forever ?
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>Dark matter
>Dark energy
Is this is code for "I have no fucking clue what's out there and I'm too proud to say it"?
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How long until tinnitus can be treated?

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Will there be treatments this decade? What about treatments coming from Frequency or Otonomy?

Will mankind be able to treat tinnitus/hearing loss?
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Language vs. Dialect

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What is the difference between a language and a dialect?
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Is their any reseach for how to induce growth spurts for over 20 year olds?
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Is it really that bad if I don't want to get vaccinated yet?

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I'm not anti vax, I believe in flu, polio, smallpox, typhoid etc vaccines but this one came to market way too fast for me to feel comfortable taking.
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Charles Augustus Magnusson's memory palace emulated in the real world

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I wonder if there is a best way to emulate such a concept and translate it into the real world. I suffer from brain fog as a result of taking a medication I really shouldn't have so its hard to remember everything.

I'd love to pull out my notes on permutations of Rubik's cube while on the train and see it. I wonder if there are any AR glasses with file reading capabilities?
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