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What happens if you swallow a battery?
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So you're willing to tell me, that one day, a group of fish just collectively decided to come on land? And they had no problem breathing air despite living underwater for millions of years? Not problem crawling on land with their fins that they always used for swimming? And these marine animals managed to survive and reproduce long enough for them to turn into terrestrial animals?
How are evolutionfags such gullible retards?
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What is the scientific consensus on the lab leak theory?
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What do you do /sci/?

You've been training your whole life for this, you should know the right answer.
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whats my options to "squash" my xy coordinates so it looks like it has depth
something like mode7 idek
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What is the purpose of eating fluoride? Why do dentists recommend it?
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i cant tell whether im 80 iq or 130 iq
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A masters in STEM may be necessary for career advancement, but why tf are women getting masters degrees in non-stem fields only to come out with a shitty job and shitty career advancement, don’t they have boyfriends or parents to advise against this? Is this what happens when Chad won’t put a baby in them before 30?
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What exactly is autism? Does anyone here know?
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Why are scientists so evil?

Maybe /pol/ was right after all.
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