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talk about mathematics here
don't shit up the thread
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Is quantum inmortality real?
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did Nikola Tesla have the highest IQ of any human whose ever lived?
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scientifically speaking, why are african nations seemingly the only nations not to have stacked rocks?
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For me it’s Io ...
Mars is a literal shithole compared to the Jovian system
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>you are one in 8 billion people

How do you cope with this
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yeh sure

but why L=T-V

I don't get it?
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Who will win the tech race?
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Why not just use basic steam? It's lighter than air and an easily available resource compared to helium or hydrogen.
>inb4 but muh energy requirements for heating it up
nigga just slap a lil nuclear reactor on this bad boy and you got all the energy you need, we got the tech for this now
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