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zeta cycle edition
previously >>13276478
don't shit up the thread
talk math
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I love my wife!
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Why are they using MRNA vaccines to treat covid?

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It is my understanding that the Covid19 vaccines are not like the old fashioned ones. Whilst the old vaccines inject an inactive portion of the virus into your bloodstream and stimulates your own immune system into creating an antibody, the MRNA vaccines inject information on how to build an antibody protein.

What are the advantages of an MRNA vaccine vs the old boomer vaccine for Covid? I don't want to become a genetically modified frankenstein.
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>high IQ
>low GPA
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madame wu

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she shouldve been awarded the Nobel prize
sexism sucks man :/
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give him a PhD already
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Were the NASA moon landings faked?

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If Columbus had sailed to America and then came back and told the King of Spain he'd go back, but 50 years went by and he never sailed another ship across the ocean blue, people would have rightfully called him a liar.

If it was real, it is a very momentous leap for mankind. But we see that actually no leap has been made. If anything, it has been a leap back. Paganism flourishes, technology and science has gone amok, corporate fascism rules the planet, and on and on and on. We're not living in space habitats and there isn't even a Moon hotel, which, with the way the commercial world works, I would think that a Moon hotel would have been achieved decades ago. Instead, every decade there is some news blurb about how Rolling Rock will advertise on the Moon or there will soon be a space elevator or trips for celebrities to the Moon but it always comes to nought.

The sheer number of Moon landings which occurred shortly after the initial Apollo 11 excursion should imply that it is very easy to go to the Moon, shouldn't it? And not a single death en route, that is a 100% success rate if you discount the failed launches, etc. So what is holding mankind back? Not to mention the fact that the United States is the only country to ever land on the Moon--it's fishy to me. Why didn't Russia go? Why give up? Makes no sense.

Now if the Moon landing was faked, the fruit makes perfect sense. The adoration of science is all around us, it is quite literally the Ba'al of our age. Science can do no wrong, it has become a god all its own. It can swallow up our young, it can decide who lives or dies, it makes wars and ends wars. Those who oppose science are heretics, heathens, and they are to be blotted out. Many people curse those who do not "believe in science." They are a thorn in the side of the science cult.

If we really landed on the Moon, why didn't the Apollo astronauts see our Lady standing there ? Checkmate atheists.
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how do you racists IQ posters explain the Flynn effect???!!!!!!!!!?????
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Can I recover? How bad did I fuck up Sci? What does a complete ACL avulsion even mean for me. my doctor says I just need physical therapy but if my acl is completely avulsed or w/e that sounds a bit too optimistic.