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>50/50, either it happens or it doesn't

Probability BTFO
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Rate(Hate) your uni
I went to pic related, do not fucking go here.
First of all Seattle is a pozzed shit hole
Second I fucking nuclear czar bombed one of my classes and when I retook it instead of like any normal institution that replaces the grade they refused to replace the grade and kept both and didn't even give me credit for taking it again.
Third most of the degrees range from 60-50 credits but you need 180 to graduate and have to spend ludicrous amounts of munies of fucking classes like gender studies.
this place is the reason I make so many charts and infographics because it made me hate not only college but also life.
I should have gone to europe for school since it already cost my mum, yeah my mum is the only one that supports my education despite her only making around 40k a year and supports three children, a fucking fortune.
I didn't want to bother because of the test taking, but I know I would have passed them I just didn't for some retard reason.
I couldn't get into my fucking major until like the middle of the fucking second year.
fuck uni, mate. Uncle Ted was right.
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Why are the next tallest structures on earth being built on sand? And why is America opting out of this race?
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>There are 7.6 billion human-level 'AGIs' in existence right now.
>No human-level equivalent AGI has ever been created aside from sperm and egg

So what on god's earth makes you think 'recursive self improvement' is suddenly going to become possible when a human-level AGI is made?
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Riddle me this /sci/. Why is that people who have confirmed this recent study that your unconscious tells your conscious brain what to do before the signals are sent say it destroys free will? I figured it to be common sense that such actions take place? I never needed a study to confirm that I don't consciously think of my actions otherwise my mind would be forever stifled with useless information. None-the-less, how does this destroy freedom of the will?
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I heard that most universities in USA have become overrun with SJWs and a lot of people who went to uni hated that life. Since I want to go into a STEM field where a degree is required, I have to go.
How do you navigate through the uni life without getting involved in the bullshit?
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What makes logic work?

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I feel like logic isn't as universal as it should be when you don't teather it to common sense at an axiomatic level. If we have , propostions over some object such that then we can use common sense to deduce that both properties can't act on at the same time, so we take that as an axiom.
But what if absurd statements like that aren't as absurd as we thought? It seems impossible due to the fact that we are working with axiomatic definitions of basic logical statements, but we only assigned those definitions because they made sense to us and because they were consistent together.

To a frog that lives in a world were time flows backwards there are many propositions about frogs which no longer apply to this particular, in fact, the negation of many statements we had for frogs are now applicable to him.
Is there a way to make logic as universal as possible for any scenario such that you don't have to specify the original axioms in order to spit out true statements? A sort of logic that's invariant under any circumstance?
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Im learning about radioactive decay, but I dont understand the difference between beta particles and electrons if BP's can be electrons ejected during decay

electrons are outside the nucleus, yet if theyre still ejected all the same, what makes them different?
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Now that we’re all vaxxed...

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what scientific activities will you be resuming after a year of lockdown?

i’ll start: going to conferences. in person. i just tell my boss i want to go and then i get a noice expenses-paid trip to wherever the fuck in the world and then network my ass off over strong drinks.

so comfy. and finally it is back
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