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Atlas edition

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Falcon 9 Transporter-2 delayed, launch date TBD
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What's a vegan alternative that's as nutritiously dense as meat?
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/scg/ STEM Career General

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Take a question leave a question

Welcome to STEM Career General!
This thread exists to posit questions regarding careers associated to STEM.
> Discussion on academia based career progression
> Discussion on penetrating industry from academia
> Or anything in relation to STEM employment or development within STEM academia!

Resources for protecting yourself from academic marxists:
>https://www.thefire.org/ (US)
>https://www.jccf.ca/ (Canada)

Information resource:
>*The author is seeking additional input to diversify the content into containing all STEM fields (currently only physics is present)

No anons have answered your question? Perhaps try posting it here:

NOTE: Any useful resources relayed in this thread will be included in future /scg/ threads.

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Springer Yellow Sale (50% off tons of math books)

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reminder that the Springer sale will end in ~1 week. they have a bunch of shit on-sale right now, a lot of it half-price. it's still kind of expensive, since textbooks don't come cheap in Europe (particularly Springer ones), but i figured i'd inform the board anyway
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How likely would you guys think Roko's Basilisk is to being created eventually? I feel like we will never reach that point.
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the real number system is well defined and totally legi-
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There's a probability of 4/9 that A happens.
If A happens, there's a 5/9 probability of B happening.

What is the probability of B happening?
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Self Learning Math as a Hobby

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I took calculus as an elective the last year of my undergrad (biology major) and I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I think all my high school math teachers were just garbage, because it made me remember how much I liked math as a kid. If I wanted to keep learning, mostly as a hobby, where should I go next? I suppose the obvious answer is to continue with calculus up to and including multivariable calculus, but I really don't know where to go from there. Linear algebra seems cool.
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Is this the proper way to conduct scientific investigation?
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how do you racists IQ posters explain the Flynn effect???!!!!!!!!!?????
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