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cool kel edition
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South park #46: Happy birthday Kyle

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post cute south park boys

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Evangelion Thread #217

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Sk8 the infinity

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Hunter X Hunter

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Happy birthday, my hero

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Mo Xiang Tong Xiu (MXTX) is the author of several popular Chinese danmei (boy's love) web novels. To date, she has completed three full novels, each fully independent stories from the others. All of them take place in similar Xianxia settings, a genre of Chinese fantasy that combines elements of Daoism, mythology and martial arts. MXTX is not the only author writing danmei novels in this style, but her novels are very popular, each having multiple adaptions, and they offer a good entry point into the genre.

It is worth noting that while each of the novels are canonically male/male romances, the animations (donghua) are considerably edited due to Chinese censorship laws. Additionally, MDZS and SVSSS both feature nsfw chapters, but TGCF does not.

Resources posted below.
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Kiss thread.
Post best kisses.
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Yokai Watch #2

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